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About Mara Online News

Mara Online News is a registered Tanzanian Media Outlet that focuses on conservation and local development. Telling stories on how wildlife conservation is connected with local development is imperative for sustainable conservation and local development. Water and Girls education story telling is also our priority. 

Our mission:

 To tell conservation and development inspiring stories

This digital platform also provides an opportunity for interaction not only for science journalists but also local communities, scientists, researchers and all other stakeholders contributing in different ways to conserve the Mara –Serengeti ecosystem for the present and future generations.

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  1. wakurya na wana mara wote manakaribishwa 👇👇👇

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    *Banga ekerango* by UCHOCHORO


    *Mhili Nkomali Taisamo* by UCHOCHORO
    *Wabho nyahucho omosengia Taisamo* by UCHOCHORO

    *Ghati ft maghensi ghacha* 53542 by UCHOCHORO
    *Taisamo no.1 (Asante oghambe bhuya)* by UCHOCHORO
    *Taisamo wabhahili ghachembe tooo* by UCHOCHORO
    *Magens ft nyori mariwara*

    *Litungu nyonyo obhosohelwa* by UCHOCHORO


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