Wednesday 24 July 2019


National Environment Management Council (NECM) Director General, Dr. Samuel Gwamaka( in front) with other Tanzania government officials inspect North Mara Gold Mine’s Tailings Storage Facility(TSF) before he ordered the gold mine to stop using the TFS for failure to contain seepage leakages.
The National Environment Management Council (NEMC) has halted the use of Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) at North Mara Gold Mine until when the mine will contain and prevent seepage leakages.
It is feared that the seepage is harmful to human health, livestock and water sources.
“ The health of our people is important than anything ”, NEMC Director General, Dr. Samuel Gwamaka said when he was to speaking to journalists after issuing instructions to halt the use of TSF at North Mara Gold Mine recently.

 “We have halted the use of the TSF and instructed the mining company to stop the leakages or build up a new facility so as to protect environment and people’s health,”Dr Gwamaka said.

He said that it is imperative for the gold mining company to carry out production of gold while preserving the environment.

Dr. Gwamaka who was accompanied by officers from Mineral Commission and National Chemist Office said NEMC will not tolerate acts violating environmental laws.
“For example, experts took samples from the tailings  storage facility in September last year and February, March, May and June this year whereby all the samples indicated poisonous contents,” he said.
On his part, a representative from the Government Chief Chemist Office, Mr. Boniventure Masambu lamented that all the samples taken have indicated the presence of poison.
“We are glad to see that our advice has been taken seriousily and implemented by the responsible authority,” he said adding that environment conservation is crucial to protect people from health risks.
North Mara Gold Mine Acting Manager Mr Reuben Ngusaro promised to work on the instructions.
“We will work on the instructions because we care for environment and people’s health”, Mr Ngusaro said
In May this year, NEMC  fined the gold mine 5.6 billion shillings for breaching environmental laws associated with the effluent leakages.
North Mara is one of the gold mines operated by Acacia Mining in Tanzania.

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