Thursday 25 July 2019


New Minister of the State in the Vice-President’ Office (union and environment) Mr George Simbachawene(centre) in happy moment with his Deputy Minister Mr Mussa Sima( right) when he visited National Enviroment Management Council(NECM) Headquarters in Dar es salaam today. Left is NEMC Director General Dr Samuel Gwamaka.

From our Correspondent in Dar es Salaam
New Minister of State in the Vice-President’s Office (Union and Environment) Mr George Simbachawene today made a familiarization tour at the Environment Management Council Headquarters in Dar es salaam.
Among other things, the minister was impressed with glaring teamwork at NEMC.
“My expectations and trust in this council are quite high because of this plain teamwork. There is observable willingness of workers to discharge their duties in order to ensure our country remains safe environmentally. This explains my optimism,” Mr Simbachawene remarked when he was speaking to journalists shortly after the visit.
He was tour accompanied by Mr Mussa Sima who is the deputy minister in the ministry.
Mr Simbachawene said he wanted to learn from NEMC workers on how the council discharges its responsibilities.
With such cooperation, he said, NEMC and the ministry would work smoothly.
He ordered immediate identification of operational problems hindering the work of NEMC so that they can be solved. Mr Simbachawene said he has long leadership experience but the ministry he had been entrusted to lead had challenges emanating from increasing human activities. That situation, he added, further complicated the task of preserving environment for the present and future generations. The minister reminded that Tanzania was working hard to become an industrialized country by next year and become a middle-income nation by 2025.
Thus, he also directed NEMC to submit to the ministry recommendations that will help to end complaints related to issuance of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) certificates to investors.
By so doing many local and foreign investor will be able to invest in the country , he said.
On the other hand the minister said preservation and protection of environment is the task of every citizen in Tanzania .
He therefore urged the council to continue educating the public on ways and need to safeguard environment, adding that such strategy would in the long run reduce the work of the NEMC in protecting and conserving of environment.

NEMC Director General Dr Samuel Gwamaka( left) hands over a copy of environment laws to the new Minister of the State in the Vice-President’ Office (union and environment) Mr George Simbachawene(centre)

The NEMC Director General, Dr Samuel Gwamaka, thanked the minister for his familiarization tour, pledging that the council will be giving the ministry good cooperation.
Dr Gwamaka cited shortage of staff as the biggest challenge facing NECM .that the council faced a critical shortage of staff.
“Shortage of workers is one of the big challenges the council faces. One worker is entrusted with many projects and is expected to complete that work in the shortest time possible. Naturally this is impossible. I believe this is the source of complaints from investors to us,” Dr Gwamaka told the minister. Dr Gwamaka said the council plans to send workers to projects and industries countrywide in order to make on-the-spot appraisals, solve problems and make regulatory registrations in order to increase the council’s revenue.

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