Sunday 28 July 2019


Dr. Samuel Gwamaka, NEMC Director General
From our Correspondent  in Dar es Salaam
The National Environment Management Council (NEMC) has warned  that uncontrolled sounds and blares are unlawful and are categorised as noise pollution under the   Environment Management Act 2004.
NEMC Director General Dr Samuel Gwamaka gave the warning during one-day seminar on noise pollution held in Dar es  salaam today. 
The seminar was organized by NEMC  to educate owners of  bars and entertainment halls on what is noise pollution according to the law.
“The meeting sought to explain to the participants that noise pollution is unlawful under the regulations made under sections 147 and 148 of the Environment Management Act, 2004,” Dr Gwamaka said. 
Dr Gwamaka said participants were informed that the law defines lawful levels of noise or sounds and blares, adding that regulations made under the EMA, 2004 seek to ensure  the environment remains good and safe.
They also seek to control noise pollution and quivering or tremor or vibrations.
Dr Gwamaka  also said  that NEMC’s  survey has   revealed that  noise-producing  activities are found in residential areas primarily because  residences were established without following requirements of the laws governing urban development.
He said the seminar was also informed that under the law activities that unleash noise have to be done in registered locations and in noise-proof premises.
The NEMC boss said   experts will sent  to all parts of Tanzania  teach people on how to use gear that determines levels of noise and also teach people on negative effects of excessive noise on people and environment.

 NEMC Law Compliance Director, Dr Ruth Rugwisha, said big impact and adverse effects of noise pollution and undesirable trembles were not immediately felt by victims or were bit instantly seen on environment.  She named the effects as including loss of hearing ability, birth complications and high blood pressure (BP).

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