Sunday 1 September 2019


NEMC Board chairperson Prof. Esnati Chaggu speaks during the fifth scientific conference on Man and Biosphere Reserves in Arusha last week.  

From a Correspondent in Arusha 
The findings of environmental researches presented in the fifth scientific conference on Man and Biosphere Reserves would help to protect the environment.

“Most of the researches presented in the meeting carried the main theme of protecting conservation areas so as to prevent drought and other climatic disasters,” Ngorongoro Conservation Area(NCA) Board Chairman, Prof. Abiud Kaswamila said over the weekend.

Prof Kaswamila was speaking to journalists shortly after the closure of the three-day meeting.
The theme of the meeting was; protection of living things for sustainable development of the environment.
He said it is essential for the findings to be adopted by the government and incorporated into environmental protection policies. 

"Preserving and protecting the environment is the responsibility of every Tanzanian so the law enforcement officers are responsible for continued advocacy to build awareness on the importance of environmental conservation," Prof Kaswamila added.

  Prof Kaswamila said the participation shown by more than 150 delegates present at the conference demonstrates the importance of protecting the environment for the benefits of the present and future generations.
The conference was organized by National  Environmental Management Council (NEMC).
The Chairperson of the NEMC Board Prof. Esnati Chaggu said the council organized the conference as per the environmental law of 2004.
 "The protected areas such as Lake Manyara must continue to remain intact so as to sustain the nature ," Prof Chaggu said .


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