Saturday 16 November 2019


By Mara Online News reporter
Local organizations that have spent many years to combat Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Tarime district have been shocked by the killing of a secondary teacher by young men preparing to undergo traditional circumcision.
Justine Ogo (25), an English teacher at Itiryo secondary school was killed with a spear on Thursday morning
 “This is an attack on organizations and activists fighting FGM in Mara. It is shocking and we want all persons behind the killing to face legal actions “, Rhobi Samwelly, the director and founder of Hope for Girls and Women Tanzania, told Mara Online News yesterday .
There are reports that several hundreds of girls are also at risk of undergoing FGM in the villages where the killing occurred.
 “The killing should unite us and intensify the battle against FGM instead of turning back “, Ms Rhobi said.
Sr Stella Mgaya, the Executive Director of ATFGM Masanga also condemned the brutal killing of the teacher whose burial occasion is expected to take place in Rorya district next Monday.
Mr Juvitus Alphonce, the project officer from Children’s Dignity Forum (CDF) also condemned the killing calling for immediate actions against all those who were involved.
Mara Online News is informed that several persons have been arrested in connection with the killing of the teacher.
The body of the deceased is still preserved at Tarime district hospital and burial occasion is planned for Monday, according to the headmaster of  Itiryo secondary school Paulo Magaiwa.
“The killing of Ogo  a big loss not only to our school but also to the neighbouing schools because he was the best English teacher for the schools”, the school chief said.
FGM is illegal in Tanzania and authorities in Tarime have declared zero tolerance against anybody who will dare to mutilate girls in December.


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