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Tuesday 3 September 2019


Arusha Impala Hotel Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Joram Lemanya(left) speaks to journalists in Arusha recently , right is consultant of  Impala Hotel Ms Jois Kahigi

From a correspondent in Arusha

Various amendments in tourism revenue laws by the current (fifth phase) government of President John Magufuli have increased tourism, revenue collection and creation of job opportunities.

Speaking to journalists on a special interview focused on the status, challenges and opportunities  of the tourist sector,, the Arusha Impala Hotel Chief Executive Officer Mr. Joram Lemanya said the sector was doing well due to the increase in the number of tourists visiting the country’s tourist destinations.

“Efforts made by the government in collaboration with its stakeholders in improving the tourism sector have successfully led to increase in the number of tourists, which has eventually led to an increase in revenue collection,” said Mr. Lemanya.

He added that changes in tourism would also bring an increase in that sector of  the national revenue.

He added that the tourism sector contributes enormously to GDP and that the improvements made by the government, with efforts for international promotion of tourist attractions, will continue to make the tourism industry one of the largest contributors to the country's revenue.

"The Impala Hotel is well positioned to welcome guests from all corners of the globe. The tourist industry trend has been favorable, and this turn of events has led to increased efforts on our side to improve our services and renovate under-utilized hotel rooms in a bid to accommodate as many tourists as possible," said Mr. Lemanya.

He noted that two months ago a group of 5,000 tourists from China came to visit the tourist destinations in the country and have now pledged to be ambassadors to the “Tour Tanzania” campaign  and promote its attractions to other Chinese, which gives expectation for even better days ahead.

"Already our country has a tourist market from Israel, Germany, China and the United States. It is our responsibility to continue to improve infrastructure so that visitors can flow — to  make them happy to come to Tanzania and become ambassadors for our country," he said.

Mr. Lemanya thanked the government through the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism for its efforts to improve the tourism environment. He also extended his thanks to the Tanzania Tourism Board (TTB), the Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA), the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCA), and the Arusha Regional Government (through its Regional Commissioner, Mr. Mrisho Gambo), as well as the security and security agencies for helping the tourism industry to flourish.

"We plan to provide quality services at the Impala companies with four-and-five-star Impala hotels and Naura springs, and to   make our customers proud of visiting Tanzania," said Mr. Lemanya.

He added that the excellent service and hospitality of the Impala hotel staff will continue to be a reason for tourists to visit tourist attractions like Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Mount Kilimanjaro and the various beaches.

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