Friday 27 September 2019


The Minister of  State in the Vice-President’s Office,(Union and Environment)  George Simbachawene has ordered  immediate  removal of two inspectors at the Dar es Salaam Port for  undermining efficiency in clearing  imported cargo at the port.
The Minister issued the order to the National Environment Management Council (NEMC) during his latest visit at the port this week.
He made the decision after realizing that the workers have been causing confusion to importers due to incompetence.
“The workers must be removed from the port immediately. This is not their profession “he , insisted .
 Simbachawene directed NEMC to fill the gap with appropriate workers so as to improve cargo clearing efficiency at the port
“A water engineer or a lawyer must be assigned proper work not otherwise, for laws of
the land only seek to make life better not the other way round,” he emphasized.
Simbachawene  also insisted that  packages and carriers in circulation must conform  with standards issued by the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS), explaining that packages and carriers in circulation that do not meet TBS standards “are illicit and must be removed from
circulation within 14 days.
Thereafter, culprits are risking severe legal steps and other actions that include confiscating and destroying of the banned products,” he warned.
Simbachawene visited the port as part of his regular follow-up schedule on implementation of government decisions and especially after importers complained of confusion and damaging chaos at the clearance point of imported goods on excuse of preventing banned plastic packages from entering the market.

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